Club Champs tournament info & Local Rules

Welcome to Drakensberg Gardens Club Championships -2019


1.            The Club Championship will be contested in 3 Divisions
A Division – Handicap index 8.6 and below
B Division – Handicap Index 8.7-14.1
C Division 14.2 and above

2.            A and B Division will be contested as a strokeplay competition.

The maximum score will be capped at 4 over par on any hole.  Therefore:

·         If you make an 8 on a par three you may mark it as a 7

·         If you pick your ball up and walk to the next tee without holing out on a par 4 you will not be disqualified and may mark an 8 on your card

·         If you make a 9 on a par 5 it stands(4 over par)

·         If you make a 9 on a par 4 you may change it to an 8

3.            C Division will be played as an individual stableford competition.  Once you have played more than 3 strokes over par on a hole you should pick the ball up to speed up play.

4.            If there is a tie for 1st place in the A and B division there will be a playoff on the 1st and 2nd holes.  Total score over the 2 holes wins.  If there is a tie thereafter there will be a sudden death playoff on the 1st hole until there is a winner.

5.            If there is a tie for 1st place in the C Division, the winner will be decided on a count out.  The Stableford scores on holes with strokes 1-3 will be added.  Thereafter if there is a tie each hole will be checked for the highest stableford score starting at stroke 4, 5 and so on.

6.            There will be a ceded draw after day one based on the leaderboard positions.  The leaders playing with each other

7.            Your handicap index will be the handicap index reflecting on the HNA website on Saturday the 2nd  March 2019.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct handicap on you scorecard

8.            If bad weather intervenes, the committee may decide to reduce the competition to 18 holes, or 27 holes depending on the situation, regardless of the number of holes completed  by some of the competitors

9.            Once the hooter blows you must stop play and head to the nearest safe place

10.         A limited number of caddies are available but caddies for everyone without a cart is not guaranteed





Local Rules Club Champs 2019 - On the course



1.    A and B division- Yellow tee markers     C Division – White tee markers

2.    All ground under repair is marked with painted white lines.

3.    Placing within 1 club length is allowed on all closely mown areas, otherwise the ball must be played as it lies

a.      Measuring devices are allowed for 2019 club champs


Q. What kind of distance-measuring devices are allowed by Local Rule?

A. A GPS, laser, smart phone, any really; however, it is important that the device only measures distance.

4.    Out of Bounds – These are defined by the white markers situated on:

-          Right of Fairway 14

-          Left of Fairways 6/7/12

-          Beyond boundary fence into Car park/Clubhouse on the 18th

5.    Penalty Areas

-          There is a penalty area(water hazard) on the 5th hole

-          All unmarked lakes, ponds or open water courses - as if yellow penalty area. 

-          If there are no markers, the edge of the water shall determine the margin of the penalty area

-          Red penalty areas  are obviously defined by red markers

6.    Immovable Rocks – Any ball coming to rest near same and which interferes with stroke or stance may be dropped without penalty at the nearest point of relief.

7.      Any artificially hardened road that interferes with your stance  or intended    area of swing may be dropped without penalty.

8.      Distance Markers to the front of the Green– 200m Blue – 150 m; Red – 100 m. 

9.     Hoofprints and Tractor Tyre Treads – Relief of one club length from the   nearest point of relief may be taken without penalty

10.   Molehills are abnormal ground conditions even if smoothed down.  1 Club length  from nearest point of relief

11.   If in doubt  about a ruling play a second ball and ask for a ruling later


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