Quirks about new world handicapping system coming in to effect 1 January 2020

1. Soft and Hard Cap

Limit on Upward Movement of a Handicap Index

There are two trigger points within the cap procedure:
(i) The soft cap.
The soft cap is triggered when the difference between a player’s
newly calculated Handicap Index and their Low Handicap Index is greater than
3.0 strokes.
When a calculated Handicap Index increase is greater than 3.0 strokes, the
value above 3.0 strokes is restricted to 50% of the increase.

(ii) The hard cap.
The hard cap triggers to restrict the amount by which a
player’s Handicap Index can increase, after application of the soft cap, to no
more than 5.0 strokes above their Low Handicap Index.
There is no limit on the amount by which a player’s Handicap Index can decrease.

The soft cap and hard cap procedures start to take effect only after the Low
Handicap Index has been established.

2.  Most likely score guidelines could lead to great bar discussions when player does not hole out

3.  Exceptional scores of 7 better than HI subtract one shot off all of last 20 scores

4.  For 4 Ball alliance suggested 85% of Course Handicap

5.  Holes 240m and less should be par 3

6.  Plus handicappers to give shots back on stroke 18,17,16 and so on unless stated

7.  Scores must be submitted even if DQed in certain circumstances eg. did not sign card, handicap on scorecard too high or missing

8. Max score for new golfers with no handicap +5 on a hole

Link to the GolfRSA/World Handicap System Rules of Handicapping:

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