Availablity of carts and caddies

This is going to be an epic club champs

We do have certain restrictions at the club and resort due to COVID and we need to make sure everyone is safe.

As a result of this we cannot guarantee that any player without a doctors note will receive a cart or a caddy.  As you are probably aware I am attempting to get as many players in the B Division on carts as 4 balls to accommodate the large field.  However we are a couple of carts short and we would appreciate it if those B Division players who prefer to walk or are capable and willing to walk to volunteer to do so.  I have already had a couple of volunteers, but we need more. 

If there are not enough volunteers in the B Division the rule will be that the lower handicaps in the B Division will walk on day one and the leaders in the B Division will walk on day 2.

I know that everyone is ready to enjoy and appreciate that we can play.  Looking forward to the Champs.

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