What Division will you be in and what handicap will you play off?

 Watch this space for More info on local rules and competition rules for club champs.  The draw will be done on Wednesday the 3rd of March 2021


1.            The Club Championship will be contested in 3 Divisions
              A Division – Handicap index 8.6 and below
              B Division – Handicap Index 8.7-14.1
              C Division 14.2 and above

2.            Your Playing handicap  which is your handicap for club champs will be your course    handicap X the handicap allowance of 95%.  Ie CH X 95% = PH .  This is in accordance with the latest world handicapping system guidelines.  The first club in SA to play with latest WHS standards
Google for more info :)

3.      A and B division- Yellow tee markers
         C Division – White tee markers

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